Water Damage Repair

Residential and commercial properties both suffer from water damage. With ten years of experience providing cutting-edge services in La Jolla, the SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair San Diego has made thousands of people smile. 

Our goal is to provide solutions to prevent future problems and minimize the damage. We use the latest scientific techniques as SuperBest water damage technicians to protect your home or business from hidden water molecules.

Typical water damage case

Water damage occurs in a variety of ways in commercial and residential properties. There will always be a risk of flooding in town despite hidden leaks being the most destructive and common situation. People are unaware of hidden leaks for various reasons, so leaks develop damage before you reach our technicians to detect them.

Hidden leak symptoms

Detecting a hidden leak in your house allows you to prevent collateral damage. The following are some symptoms:

Unreasonably high bills

The problem might be a leak in your house that wastes water or electricity even if you aren’t using it much. If the leak remains unattended for too long, the damage could be disastrous if the leak is not fixed. There is a hidden leak in the floor of the property that sometimes makes it uninhabitable.

The sound of running water

Hidden leaks allow water to spill and create noise when they cause a running water sound inside the floor. Moreover, a gap beneath the slabs could eventually cause the floor to sink or the walls to crack.

Stale odors

Whenever there is contaminated water scattered somewhere in the air, the smell of contaminated water must contribute to the stale odor. Slab leaks can drench carpets and other furniture with water. In addition, soaked clothing must smell foul and cause an unpleasant experience when wearing it.

Due to the house’s dampness, the room’s stale smell will develop rot in the wood of the columns, furniture, and other areas that have been made up, which leads to the decay of the wood. It is very likely that you will suffer from wood rot and expensive damages due to the wet air.


Mold grows only when water molecules are flowing continuously. There are hidden leaks in homes and businesses that provide molds with fresh water, which encourages the growth of molds. According to scientists and doctors, mold and mildew are bad for your health. You must call mold removal services immediately and get the leak fixed as soon as possible to ensure your property and people’s safety.

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